"Manchester United" – "Chelsea" – 1: 1. Championship of England in the 36th round, April 28, 2019. Goals Mats and Alonso, photo, video, terrible error De Gea


Paul Pogba kicked off. The main news of the base of "MJ" for a super-match with Chelsea. Solskjer decided not to ban the French for another failure in the main game – against Manchester City. Paul got another adversary status to show: he can, at least a few times, not just walk.

Sarry's background is quite common. Jorginho-Kante-Kovacic in the center, Willian and Azar worked on the flanks (well, everywhere), Higuain – where it should be. In the center of the attack.

At Chelsea, however, they did not know that David Beckham was still running for United. Only now his last name is Shaw. Luke already in the third minute, played Bax, blowing plague transmission in 70 meters, even at the feet of Lukaku – Romelu 1-in-1 ruined. Ole Gunnar scored that.

Once Juan Mata fired Chelsea, Jose Mourinho with the unofficial text "lousy work in defense". Since then, the Spaniard has met with the Portuguese already in the "MJ", added to the volume of work, and in 31 marked the former team. Top scoop Lukaku – a sensitive back pain Shaw – a clear implementation of the Mats. 1: 0, in 10 minutes, United did something 280+ could not do in a row. Scored a goal.

Mata – the third player in the story of "MJ", who stood out on his birthday. Before that, Rooney (in 2004) and Martial (in 2018) gave themselves a goal against Arsenal.

"Chelsea" played the corner "MJ", the owners did not park the bus, as with the "City", but focused on the defense. Which did not clear good counterattacks – mainly through the races of the sides of Young and Shaw. Even Pogba worked in defense – wow. "MJ" in the first relatively quiet time "Chelsea" – Jorginho did not aggravate, Higuain did not pocket the ball in the right positions, and Azar's solo was not enough for a goal.

United only crushed Chelsea with aggression. Sarribol did not work with the word "in general", and the most dangerous moment for the guests in 43 minutes was created by Aspilicueta. Dangerous for the life of the photographer – the Spaniard pushed Lukaku out of the field, and Chelsea defender knocked over the unfortunate photo master of the chair. That's all you need to know about the boring game of Londoners.

At the same time, Chelsea managed to reduce the tie time. Although he did nothing for the purpose. But De Gea again went into "delivery" mode and, for some reason, Rudiger's long-range attack hit straight into Alonso. He finished the ball in the net and De Gea's psyche – the next file of the Spanish goalkeeper.

"What are you doing, David? And this is the best goalkeeper? Well well. Even I would play better, "was the reaction of one of the BBC's top experts, Robbie Savage.

But Alonso creates cool things – in attack. For 2.5 years in England, Marcos scored up to 15 goals. The best result among all the defenders of the Premier League.

The defenders did not have a very dynamic pace in the second half. Both teams. No, "MJ" and "Chelsea" did not play 5-5, but the center-deaf of the teams were injured. On day 63, he was forced to go to Ridiger sub-base. And a few minutes later, Eric Bayi. This is still David Louise, holding his crotch, dealt with the pain and ended up playing to the end. English football is a cruel thing.

The game itself made an application for the show – a steep, bus-free pace and a wild desire from both teams. But the problems in the attack "Chelsea" and "MJ" did not go away – so many shoves, patterns and the fight did not turn into 2-3 points. De Gea included neither Carius nor Kep. The former Spartak Rojo could have become the sensational MVP of the match, but his header in the 92nd made Pedro.

So 1: 1 is a bit stupid, but a "live" draw in Old Trafford.

Defeating for the top 4 in the Premier League is an incredible story. And Tottenham, Chelsea and MJ, and especially Arsenal, are totally unstable. And they constantly lose points. "United" failed to overtake Arsenal and remained only sixth. The difference from Chelsea, who occupy the coveted fourth place, is three points. 65 against 68. Well, Surry's team now carries the "Gunners" (66), not one, but two. The same "Chelsea" for the third "Tottenham". Wow, the last two rounds will be hellish. But objectively, "MJ" has a minimum of odds for the top-4.


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