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Manager Nurmagomedova vowed justice to McGregor

The team of Russian MMA fighter Habib Nurmagomedov will not take any legal action against Irishman Conor McGregor because of insults on social networks. Russian manager Rizvan Magomedov told the TV channel "360" about it.

He pointed out that the Nurmagomedov team did not like the situation, however, its members do not intend to go to court. "Justice sooner or later [Макгрегора] will find, "said Magomedov.

According to the representative of the Russian fighter, the Irishman "has long crossed the forbidden line" and "does not deserve comment".

MacGregor made fun of Nurmagomedov on Twitter and called him a mouse

On March 31, MacGregor called the Russian a small mouse and said that the Nurmagomedov brothers were "knocked down" after the fighting in October 2018. In response, the Russian fighter said: "Money comes and goes. And the honor you missed that night will never return.


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