"Like Mass Effect but More Horrendous": Chris Avellon Told About Canceled Aliens: Crucible by Obsidian


In a conversation with the VG247 edition, former developer Obsidian and now famous freelance writer Chris Avellon spoke a bit about the canceled project Aliens: Crucible. The Obsidian Entertainment team created the game for Sega from 2006 to 2008, which should not be completed.

"It was sad to see the cancellation of Aliens: Crucible, but I do not blame Sega. It will be a rough comparison, but it looks like Mass Effect, but more terrible "says Avellone.

The player entered the planet of the others and had to find the installation of Engineers. Does it look like Ridley Scott's movie "Prometheus"? In this likeness is not pumped. Avellone adds that after entering the atmosphere, players realize that the planet is unstable. After the landing, the Marines and scientists began investigating the landing site. As planned, the world was very cruel to many strangers. The task was to collect resources and build a base.

"Everyone who worked on the Aliens: Crucible was delighted with the project. That would make a good game. The prototype was great. But suddenly Sega said, "No!"

After the incident, Obsidian made Fallout: New Vegas, which most fans consider to be the best game in the studio.


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