Lexus GX in Novosibirsk June 19, 2019 | NGS


Japanese Lexus introduced the updated GX SUV – this car has not been restyled since 2013 and remained the last with an old image. Now the front of the car is made as it should be for the whole Lexus grille in the "spindle" style. Optics has become LED, the shape of the headlamps has changed.

A new three-spoke steering wheel appeared in the cockpit instead of the bulky old man. Finishing materials have been changed, the Lexus Safety System + safety system has been added, including emergency braking systems, automatic light switching, front impact prevention, lane control.

The SUV is equipped with a single 4.6-liter V8 engine with a 296-liter capacity. with, automatic, four-wheel drive with Torsen differential. Now GX costs at least 4 million rubles, the price depends on additional options.

"The car comes in five trim levels,t 4 338 000 up until 5,081,000 rubles, "said the sales department of the Novosibirsk dealer center" Vostok Motors ".

Lexus GX is a more expensive and prestigious brother of the popular Toyota Land Cruiser Prado in Novosibirsk, technically they are identical. However, it was Prado that managed to gain great popularity, while the GX was sold in modest quantities. Lexus lovers prefer to buy the larger LX SUV or the smaller RX and NX crossovers.

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