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Ksenia Sobchak parodied cordel Anastasia Volochkova


Ksenia Sobchak

Ksenia Sobchak // Photo: Legion-Media

In one of the improvisations, Ksenia, together with the cookie "Ural dumpling" Andrei Rozhkov and the actor Maxim Lagashkin, formed a provincial pop group called "Tears". According to the program's producers, Sobchak had to not only sing and play guitar, but also answer questions in the style of Anastasia Volochkova, who recently called the TV host an unscrupulous and unscrupulous person.

In retaliation on the stage of the STS exhibition, Ksenia humorously made a streak – the number of the dancer's crown. Entering the image of Volochkova, the guest star demonstrated her excellent stretching, showed sexual movements and even tried to seduce Maxim Lagashkin, sitting on his knees.

For Xenia, this is the second part of the program "Thank God You've Come!": Ten years ago, she had already tested her strength with improvisation, reincarnated as high schoolgirl Ksyusha Zyablikova. After the recent shootings, Sobchak in his instagram thanked Sergei Svetlakov for returning his favorite show.

The show

The show "Thank God, you came!" In STS // Photo: Press Office

Recall last week that a major scandal broke out on the Web, which is why it was Ksenia Sobchak's new release.

"We've never been friends with her, but I know how to remain a person under any circumstances. And at her request, she opened the doors of her house hospitable. Without waiting for her to rush into the enemy, install hidden cameras and microphones, she'll begin to look at my closets and bedside tables as ugly as a scum and a thief with one eye so God, free me, does not get her doing it. How bitter, having shown confidence, receive a saliva in the soul. I do not keep evil in Sobchak. Even after such an immoral act in my beloved home. I'd rather remain indulgent. I sincerely opened my soul to her. I cried too, thinking she sympathized with my pain. But, perhaps, Xenia has been taken to such a step by her dissatisfaction in her personal life, because she and all are always abandoned, "said the dancer.

Ksenia also did not remain silent and shared her images confirming that Anastasia knew about taking pictures in the bathroom. "The heroine of this film, like all the heroes of my interviews, is always aware of what's going on on set, and all the circumstances of the shooting are agreed in advance. I will not support further discussions on this topic, "said Sobchak.

// Photo: Press Office

// Photo: Press Office

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