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The amount of ground clearance affects the all-terrain terrain "Rio", "X" and "Logan".

The experts brought a KIA Rio X-Line Korean, a Renault Logan French Stepway and a LADA XRay Cross from Russia to a snow-covered all-terrain test drive. They decided to find out which one is going to get stuck first.

According to experts, the largest gap of all cars received LADA XRay Cross – 215 mm, the Korean ground cross hatchback distance reached 195 mm, and the French off-road sedan – 178 mm. In addition, the Russian all-terrain hatchback is equipped with manual transmission, the "Korean" has received the "automatic", and the "French" has a variator.

First of all, the KIA Rio X-Line was tested with the ESP off – the "Korean" was immediately stuck in the snow. The same fate happened with the LADA XRAY Cross, stuck in the snow captain even with Snow mode. The all-terrain "Logan" – "Frenchman" also did not lag behind its competitors and was also stuck in the snow.

The next challenge for these cars was a fairly steep climb, which the KIA Rio X-Line could easily outpace. The Renault Logan Stepway was not able to conquer this height because of the slightest slack – the car was stuck in the middle of the hill.

The second time around the terrain "Logan" was able to go to the hill. LADA XRay Cross did not disappoint us as we overtook this slide – the Russian cross-hatchback achieved that point without any problems.

In addition, off-road versions of these cars decided to test on a steeper hill – from the first time the "Korean" failed to climb this elevator, but the second time was more successful – the KIA Rio X-Line climbed this elevator. LADA XRay Cross was also able to climb the hill for the second time but was trapped in the snow at the edge of the hill. After several attempts, the Renault Logan Stepway has achieved this point.

Dmitry Pavlichko

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