Journalists and a blogger spoke about a flaw in Samsung with a flexible display after two days of use.


Three journalists and a US blogger have broken the screens of Samsung Galaxy Fold smartphones. They tested the model for one to two days, according to CNBC

Has Steve Kovac of CNBC ceased half screen work. Faced with a similar problem Mark Gourman of Bloomberg, however, he and the YouTube blogger Marquez Brownlee The screen has completely failed. Journalist Verge Dieter Bon discovered a bulge in the curve. Also on the screen was strip.

Brownley and Gourmet attributed the break to the fact that they removed a film from the screen, which they considered protective. Bon and Kovac did not remove it. They claim that smartphones broke for no apparent reason.

Samsung has not yet commented on the situation. It is not yet known if the issues are related to the removal of the protective layer, but Samsung explained to reporters that it could not be removed. Observers said there is no warning about this in the documents, and the film is easily removed.

Samsung flexible screen:

Samsung introduced the six-camera fold smartphone on February 20. The device arrives in stores on April 26 in black, silver, green and blue. The stated cost is about two thousand dollars.

"Kommersant," quoting Eldar Murtazin, an analyst at the Mobile Research Group, wrote that the devices would go to Russia only in May, worth 3,000 pieces, and could cost up to 150,000 rubles.


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