Joke Ksenia Sobchak caused a mocking response Maxim Vitorgan


Ksenia Sobchak, 37, feels guilty before her husband, Maxim Vitorgan, 46. They broke up after the TV reporter's betrayal.

The actor went to Norway. There, in the territory of the archipelago of Svalbard began filming the film "Departure to the north. Together with actor Alexander Robak, Ksenia Sobchak's husband drank with Norwegian men. Then the Russians decided to shoot.

Maxim posted on his Instagram page a picture of himself with Robak and writer Alex Dubas. "A trigger presses, the second is pointing, the third performs general administration. Together we are strong. And weight, "explained Vitorgan.

Sobchak reacted to her husband's post. She decided to play. "Do not kill anyone., please, "Xenia wrote and smiled.

However, Maxim did not support his humorous tone. "Get a tattoo!" He said wryly.

Vitorgan for a long time paid no attention to the gossip about Xenia's romance with the 43-year-old theater director, Konstantin Bogomolov. But his patience broke out at the end of January – near a café in Moscow, Maxim fought with a rival.

March 8, the couple of stars officially announced their break. Sobchak is increasingly noticed in Bogomolov company. Recently the network received a video from the director of romantic dance and journalist. And Vitorgan spends a lot of time in the company of other actors.


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