In the new iPad Pro found 90 magnets


In addition to all types of electronics in modern tablets, there are various metals including precious, plastic, textolite and … magnets.

In addition, there are many magnets in it. A microencapsulated film was attached to the new iPad 12.9, which changes color when a magnetic field is applied to it, and it was discovered that 90 magnets were found on the tablet.

So many sources of magnetic field contained in the device, without taking into account the magnets of the speakers.

Apparently, there are so many magnets on the tablet because of the new Smart Keyboard Folio, where there are many magnets, and the Apple Pencil, which is also new, for which you also have many magnets.

Apple has upgraded this version of the giant iPad 12.9 in several key areas, including display power and computing, making it more appealing than ever to iPad lovers.


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