In the Hobby Renault Duster failed, the driver said: AvtoMedia: VladTime


Despite the fact that his replacement cost cheap auto enthusiasts, the initial "departures" were a big surprise to him.

As the owner of Renault Duster in the community "VKontakte" in his passage with a mileage of 70,000 kilometers has recently failed bushes. "Opening" the car showed that they could not be repaired, because the chewing gum had come loose and fell from the metal sleeve: "Dead, all 4 pieces."

At the same time, the ball bearings are alive, which pleased the driver. The driver took his Renault Duster to the saloon, and it turned out that everything was not so bad, since a silent block costs only 467 rubles. In addition, the driver needed to pay 3,368 rubles for the job of replacing, pressing on two levers and lining up the wheel in total, and he said he was very interested in how many new silent blocks were moving away.

The driver felt it necessary to warn all Renault Duster owners about the symptoms of "silent blocks" that fly. As it turned out, they are manifested by bumps on the suspension, broken stabilized bushings as well as "throwing" the cross from side to side while driving through holes and bumps. Therefore, in order to avoid further problems, the driver recommends replacing the silent blocks as soon as possible, should suspicion arise.

Alexey Lopatin

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