In the center of Vishnevsky they told about the state of the victims of emergency situations with SSJ-100


MOSCOW, May 7 – RIA News. All four patients who are in the center of Vishnevsky after the accident in Sheremetyevo have a positive trend, said the director of the medical institution, academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences Amiran Revishvili.

"Of course, we are waiting for possible complications, but we expect them to be minimal," he said.

Two people were transferred from resuscitation to the department, in one, the serious condition was replaced by a moderate state of gravity.

"The most difficult patient is on artificial ventilation, but there is also a positive trend," Revishvili added.

According to him, the treatment of the victims, in a state of moderate gravity, will take from seven to ten days. Psychologists work with them, all the necessary medicines are available, stressed the doctor.

Five others were hospitalized at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute and one at the FMBA center. On Monday night, it was reported that they also had a positive trend.

The crash of the Sukhoi Superjet 100 occurred on Sunday night. The ship sailed from Moscow to Murmansk. After 28 minutes of flight, the crew decided to return urgently to the airport of the capital.

The plane managed to land only on the second attempt. With a forced landing he knocked down the landing gear and the engines caught fire. Then the fire spread all over the tail.

Killed 41 people. 33 passengers and four crew members were able to escape. A criminal case.

Investigators are considering several versions of the incident – insufficient qualifications of pilots, dispatchers and people who performed the coating's technical inspection, vessel malfunction, adverse weather conditions.


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