In Dota Underlords will add a general chat and active voice heroes | Sublime Lords of Dota


In future upgrades to the Dota Underlords, the game will add game statistics, the ability to navigate the map, hear fights in the adjacent fields, and general chat. The developers also reported that the characters will be announced – if the Russian location will be unknown.

In addition to chatting and dubbing, the Dota Underlords team will work to improve the game's balance. They will pay extra attention to the alliance of dragons and their units. Developers will also consider introducing a new item into the game – fast hiking boots.

Dota Underlords representatives have not specified exactly when all the innovations will appear. They stated that they were based on feedback from users and have already started to develop all the functions.

The open Dota Underlords tests began on June 20. On the same day, the game was released on the iOS and Android platforms. The chess mode was available from June 13, but only for the owners of the Battle Pass The 2019 International and key rings for gifts. After the launch of online MBT, the Dota Underlords grew three times.


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