How to lose weight, cheat the brain, and there is everything you want: the easiest way to lose weight


Few will be happy with the prospect of dieting. Even with the good goal – to lose weight and improve health. Just because, after reading the menu, you can be terrified: everything is forbidden! How to live like this? After all, is it impossible to eat all the vegetables and "useful protein" my whole life? In order not to make weight loss a nightmare, there is a simple and affordable weight loss method that does not involve limitations.

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In weight loss is always involved a powerful psychological component. Restrictions on the brain feed and consciousness perceived as hungry, and the body is rebuilt, beginning to save calories. Therefore, it is important not only to limit yourself but also to encourage you to eat. To do this, there is a trick – called "cheating with food", chitmil. Nutritionists approve.

How to Lose Weight and Have Everything You Want: The Secrets of Fraud

The point is to build a diet using the formula – 90/10, where 90% is healthy food, and the remaining 10% are our small weaknesses. A simple arithmetic calculation shows that in this way you can afford to try a portion of "forbidden" 3-4 times a week. And we will be nothing for that. This opinion is shared by leading fitness instructor Maria Popretinskaya. It allows you to read your customers.

What does that give?

Stress is level "Well, even the chocolate does not seem so far away. Less stress – hormones in order and metabolism – too;

Stimulates metabolism – the brain regularly receives signs that "everything is fine", there is no need for fat "hamster", you can spend calories;

Humor improves – you no longer feel like an "invalid food," to whom nothing is impossible;

The principles of proper nutrition remain with you. – and you still lose weight.

Scientists from the United States, in particular Jillian Ginta of the Department of Health and Physical Education at Seton Hall University, said the use of chitma has been scientifically proven. Thanks to this rewards system, even athletes lose weight on a schedule, which is very important. This is explained by the fact that, in case of refusal of fatty foods, the brain intensely intensifies the production of the hunger hormone, ghrelin. And with "cheat" food does not threaten you.


Of course, the advantages of chitmala do not mean that you can eat everything in unlimited amounts and lose weight. Your nuances are exactly the same as the methods of using this trick. There are only four of them:

  1. Chitmil works only after a month of abstinence, otherwise you will lose the effort to lose weight;
  2. Relaxation can be done no more than 4 times a week;
  3. The best time to eat "harmful" food is an hour and a half after practicing sports or any other physical activity. Thus, the process of weight loss will become clearer;
  4. As an option – you can choose yourself one day a week and just allow yourself to eat a little more than usual, 200-300 calories. For example, do not deny a fried chicken or sweet cake with coffee. You can simply eat like "in everyday life", but remember: do not overdo it and do not abandon all bad things. Otherwise, all the weight loss – down the drain.


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