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The singer Andrei Gubin stopped working on new songs and fled to Thailand with a blonde, "pretty and thin", producer Taras Vashchishin and tourist Igor told StarHit.

In the summer of 2018, Vashchishin told the publication that he persuaded Gubin to record the first song in 10 years.

"We're not done yet," he said now.

According to the producer, now the work "interests Gubin a little," since a few months ago the singer went to Thailand. There he is not yet in contact with Vashashishin.

A tourist named Igor, who was resting in a Thai hotel next to the hotel Gubin, told StarHit that in an Asian country the singer spent most of the time with a "pretty and skinny blonde" he met in Ufa.

Gubin, 44, and his girlfriend lived in different hotels, but the singer visited her daily by bicycle.

"Normal man. I did not notice any mental aberration, "added Igor.

In June 2018, Taras Vashchishin told StarHit that Gubin suffers from depression, rarely leaves his apartment and scares his loved ones with the fact that "at such a step, he can get his hands on himself."

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