Garik Kharlamov ridiculed "intrigue" Sobchak and Bogomolov in music | News


Resident of the Comedy Club show, Garik Kharlamov, performed at the charity performance of his friend Timur Batrutdinov. In the air of the Kharlamov program in his stage image of Edward the Severe, accompanied by a guitar, he sang the comedy song "About the intrigue."

In his song, the comedian ridiculed the behavior of women who, instead of immediately agreeing to the gentleman's insistent proposals, avoid replying, but in the end they go to him from time to time, fulfilling all requests, including the intimate ones.

Well, let's go to the café, here in this cafe,

And can we have some wine?

Well, I do not even know … Well, what is this coffee? – portrayed the dialogue of the lovers of Kharlamov.

The comedian finally did not reveal the names of the characters in his poems, but in the final composition he told viewers that they can be recognized by the masks of the characters. It turned out that the artist's music was dedicated to the novel by the Ksenia Sobchak presenter with the director Konstantin Bogomolov.

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The audience did not expect such a turnaround, but he noticed the composition with humor and began to laugh when they heard the final chord. Fans of his work shared his emotions about Kharlamov's performance on the showman's Instagram page.

Laughing to tears!

– Bright!

In a voice he yelled, "I do not even know." Just one bomb, Garik– commented commentators.

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