Future discrete Intel graphics cards will receive an integrated architecture


Company Intel in every possible way prepares the audience for its return to the discrete video card market that it left two decades ago. Intel conducts customer capture events to listen to users' wishes. The company also attracts marketing professionals and technicians. OMG and Nvidia.
The head of the marketing department in the direction of discrete graphics Chris Hook back at the end of March stated on twitter that new cards will hit the market by the end of 2020.

However, it is much more interesting that "blue" video cards are based on the same architecture as integrated solutions. Is about Gen11. And the same Chris Hook at the time said that "Intel xe"It is not a trademark or symbol of a particular family, but a general name for the concept.

And in the course of a recent quarterly report, a single architecture was confirmed by the company's chief executive, Robert Swan. He emphasized the growing importance of discrete charts for the company's business in the future. In addition, a senior manager said the new maps will be available for gaming and server solutions.

At the same time, he confirmed that discrete graphics processors will receive the same architecture as the integrated ones. In this case, we note that the Gen11 will first be used on 10 nm mobile processors Lakefield and Elkhart. They should be released before the end of this year.


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