Wednesday , October 20 2021

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The sudden departure of journalist Isaeva was a shock to many people. She was known as a professional, brilliant, soul of any company. So many have decided to say goodbye to the deceased.

Isaev will be buried in the Prokshinsky cemetery at the Sosenovsky settlement in Novomoskovsk administrative district in the southwest of the capital. It entered the territorial borders of Moscow several years ago and, before that, was considered a rural cemetery. The cemetery was placed near the small village of Prokshino on the sixth kilometer of the Kaluga road, thanks to which it was named. The exact date of the founding of the cemetery is unknown, but apparently it has appeared recently since burials date back to the second half of the last century. Today it is a closed necropolis – it is possible to bury only relatives who are already resting in family lots.

The Prokshinskoe Cemetery is mainly located in the forest. Roads, houses and industrial facilities are located in the distance, which creates a very calm and calm atmosphere in the cemetery.

The late Irina Isaeva loved nature very much. In her last post on Facebook, she wrote, "The forest is waking up from winter sleep, the buds are growing in the trees." Primroses and first mushrooms weather A neighbor has gathered a basket full of lines. unusual for spring, then cleaned it, did well and fortified the shore.The weeping willow looks down and sees its reflection in the clear water. "So the place for the last rest of Ira, despite being half an hour from the nearest subway station, is quite consistent with its calm and humorous character.

The farewell ceremony with Isaeva will begin at 12 noon on May 8. But now, many friends and colleagues who knew Irina, loved and appreciated her, are gathering in the graveyard. Isaeva worked for many years writing about the publications of stars – "Light up!", "Only stars", "Interlocutor". She was there as editor of the bild – she took photos of artists with the authors' materials. Many texts she illustrated were dedicated to Yulia Nachalova. In mid-March, for example, she was looking for photos to report at the singer's funeral, and now she was no longer herself … "As if Nachalova had taken her to the next world," close relatives are whispering.

They carry bouquets of their favorite Ira flowers and can not hold back the tears. The soul is torn from the realization that a young woman, full of plans and hopes, left so suddenly … Recall that the journalist Irina Isaeva did not become the morning of May 6. She was going to work when she felt bad. It turns out that a blood clot broke – death was instantaneous.

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