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FSO reported the capture of special cable connection thieves near the Kremlin

One of the intruders, running away, jumped into the Moscow River, but was detained. The incident did not affect the work of the special communication

Photo: Sergey Fadeichev / TASS

Officials from the Federal Security Service (FSO) and the Ministry of Internal Affairs have halted an attempt to steal a portion of the special communication cable near the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge, said Denis Simonov, deputy director of the FSO public relations center in Russia.

"The attackers are arrested in the act. One of them, trying to escape the scene, jumped into the river, wanted to cross the Moscow river, but was pulled from the river and, considering the water temperature, was actually saved, "said Simonov.

The incident occurred during the repair work on the Bolshoy Moskvoretsky bridge, and government communications work did not affect what happened. Intruders handed over to the police.

Government communications cable stolen from a sewer near the Kremlin


Earlier, RBC sources reported that on March 25, police received a message saying that unknown people cut off a communication cable from the government near the Kremlin in Vasilyevsky Spusk Square, not far from the bridge. Police began checking and interviewing employees of Pelisker LLC, which is involved in a major overhaul of the bridge, the source told RBC.


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