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The father of the late singer said a former civil husband
performer, hockey player Alexander Frolov behaves "disgusting". He said the man was going "butt" to Yulia Nachalova's apartment.

According to Viktor Nachalov, an athlete intends to
sue the 12-year-old daughter of star Vera Aldonina, who in September
year will get into inheritance rights Father of the artist considers this behavior of her
ex-spouse in this situation is unacceptable.

He added that the singer's ex-husband
Soccer player Yevgeny Aldonin has tried to negotiate with Frolov, but he is not
moved from the dead center. Yulia Nachalova's father said that during the daughter of his life
often quarreled with Frolov, reports the Komsomolskaya Pravda website.

Remember earlier
the apartment of the late Yulia Nachalova was valued at one hundred million rubles. By 2015, Frolov
gave the singer 20 million rubles to record a new album. In return, she
he rewrote her half the apartment. After farewell hockey player demanded
to repay the debt.

As they wrote "Days.Ru",
Julia Nachalova died as a result of cardiac arrest due to a massive abscess,
caused by normal callus on the leg. March 16, the singer died. After her
death, it was discovered that she had a lot of diseases: migratory gout,
diabetes and supposedly lupus. In addition, it was argued that previously postponed anorexia had a negative impact on Yulia Nachalova's health.


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