Expert dispelled panic around the myth of engine overheating LADA Vesta: AutoMedia: VladTime


The expert reassured many of the "News", who believed in the "horror stories" about the "boiling" domestic sedan.

A new story appeared on the YouTube channel "Lada Vesta Belarus," in which the expert dispelled a panic surrounding the myth of overheating the LADA Vesta engine. It turned out that one of the drivers had previously reported that his "Vesta is boiling" and that the coolant temperature sensor does not report overheating, and only when the vapor is already visible under the hood, the system signals a problem.

The expert decided to conduct an experiment to understand how the sensor described above works in the range of 90 degrees or more. As part of the experiment, the sensor was heated with a conventional lighter. His performance was regularly demonstrated by the device with almost no delay. In addition, when the heating reached the 110 degree mark, the electronics started the fan for additional cooling of the engine.

In addition, the experiment became even more interesting because the sensor was disconnected from the system while the engine was running. The electronics responded immediately by placing the device in the 110 degree position and turning on the fan. That is, the car will not fail to notice the problem with the sensor and will overheat the engine.

Ivan Golovin

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