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Evgenia Medvedev – an interview on Orcer, Tutberidze, Tuktamysheva, World Cup, Quad. Photo, video, instagram

Yevgeny Medvedeva stormy activity does not stop even in the off season. The two-time world champion met with fans in Moscow and performed at a show in Korea where she charmed local audiences with two weird numbers.

Medvedeva performed on the show under the theme "Million Scarlet Roses". Korean viewers were surprised

"Barbie in the body." Medvedeva appeared in a pink dress and made a hard commentary contest.

In an interview with Sport24, Zhenya summed up the season and told her what to expect from her next season. Here is the whole truth!

– The most difficult and unusual season in your career is over. How to evaluate this?
– This question is often asked me. The season was difficult due to a variety of circumstances. But we will leave the judges with the prerogative to give notes. My notes are all seen. Good or bad, it's not for us to decide. The opinion of the judicial brigade is not negotiable.

The start of the season has not been easy … So I consider that several final matches, including the World Cup, are crucial for me. It's from the psychological point of view. I can say that I have a satisfaction with the work done. But it will also take a lot – not my plans.

– Was there any desire to stay in Japan and speak at the World Team Championships?
Of course I wanted to! The commander in Japan is one of my official favorites. There is no tension. All performances are performed in vacation mode, easy to assemble. This is a rare case in our individual sport, when the result is not a personal shift but an ordinary one. All the more trying to achieve a team result. It is very motivating and gives strength because the whole team is supporting you.

Unfortunately, I had to decline an invitation to the World Team Championship due to an injury that was diagnosed by Japanese doctors immediately after the end of the World Cup. The International Skating Union considered my injury a valid reason not to participate in KCM, and a replacement was organized. But our girls were great! I am very happy for them and I want to congratulate them by the end of the season.

"How's the off-season going, is there an opportunity to rest?"
– The offseason will be displayed. I have a lot of work and I am very satisfied. To be honest, I do not really like the beach or the leisure activities. I am an active person – a long-term rest in my mind. And I'm going to start training on time because you need to prepare for next season.

Judging from social networks, you have a very friendly team at the cricket club. During the Four Continents Tournament you supported the guys, exposed the story as you do not sleep at night. Do your training partners support you so warmly?
– Social networks show only a fraction of our "cricket" communication! Of course we twist for each other and support not only in the beginning but also in the training process. We have a very friendly international team. Maybe it's no secret to anyone.

– Who do you communicate best with the Russian team? Recently, in Instagram, you very handsome and funny exchanged kindness with Stanislav Konstantinova …
"I can not say someone is better, but someone worse. We all communicate. Unfortunately, not as often as we would like. Everyone is busy training. Also, I am now in a slightly different time zone, which limits my ability to communicate with friends.

Here, for example, recently I was in the Japanese program Stars on Ice, where I introduced myself with our girls. Only three of us were Russian speakers and communicated constantly. As for Stacy, she's always in touch. (Smiles)

– Brian Orser said that when he moves to a new coach, "it takes every athlete a year or two to start from scratch and achieve a result." How do you understand that phrase? So, this season was transient for you?
– I understand this sentence literally from what was written. Yes, it was a transition season. Continue now. After all, I arrived in Toronto last July.

– When did you realize that you need to teach the quad? And how does this process happen?
"I understood this two years ago when I tried Salchow on a fishing rod while I was still in Eteri Georgievna's group. I can say that I did not understand myself, but the entire coaching staff. However, at that time there was not enough time to study the ultra jumps – you had to get into the season and keep the existing content in shape to attend international tournaments. How's the process going? We learn. Everything ahead.

– Brian in an interview said that the quad Salchow you will learn easier than the triple Axel. Why did you decide to stop at Salchow?
Well, everything is simple. Axel all my life was very difficult for me. I can still make quite stupid mistakes in your performance. Probably the problem is at the mount point, so to speak. (Smiles) Therefore – Salchow.

– In general, as you think, quadruple jumps – is this a temporary phenomenon, or is the future of individual female skating behind them?
– No, sure! About the temporary phenomenon can not speak. Figure skating goes forward and into the complication of the future.

– You mentioned that one of the programs next season will be based on "Memoirs of a Geisha" …
– Yes, after the World Cup, I said that an arbitrary program for the next season was chosen, and this is "Memoirs of a Geisha". I like this song a long time, and it seems to me that I'm going to be able to incorporate that image into the ice. The work is already under way and I like everything.

– Before the new season. How should he go so that Evgenia Medvedev could call him on the instagram of not acceptable but excellent?
Yevgeny Medvedev can not answer this question? (Laughs) My grandmother says, "If you want to make God laugh, tell him about your plans." We go to work.

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