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Moscow, June 11 – IDA-Moscow.

TV presenter Nikolai Drozdov said he left the program "In the animal world" writes Komsomolskaya Pravda.

According to Drozdov, he has not participated in the filming of the show for six months and the old issues are on the air.

He added that there are many of these broadcasts with him on television, and he emphasized that he did not care if they were shown later. He also admitted that he received nothing for it.

Drozdov said he continues to get involved in teaching activities at Moscow State University because this is his favorite activity.

In January, the 81-year-old host of the popular animal program Nikolai Drozdov was hospitalized with a broken rib. He said he was exercising and fell to no avail. In April last year, Drozdov announced that he would leave "In the Animal World", instead of presenting him as presenter, he proposed to put his 15-year partner, Alexei Lapin, who has participated in the program for 10 years.

The first edition of "In the world of animals" appeared on television in 1977. Since then, Drozdov has been the constant leader of the program. Until 1990, Vasily Peskov conducted the transmission with him.


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