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daughter, Angelika Varum, singer, latest news :: Show business ::


Leonid Agutin spoke frankly to the reporters. The popular singer talked about his wife, singer Angelica Varum and daughter Lisa.

Leonid Agutin and Angelika Varum for over 20 years together. In 1999, the singer gave birth to a daughter, Lisa. Note that the singer has another daughter, Polina, from a previous relationship. Daughters live abroad. Agutin tries to see her children regularly, despite frequent visits.

In conversation with reporters, the singer talked about the separation. But this was not about relationships with his wife, but about Lisa's daughter with a Cuban musician named Mark. "We were very pleased with him! No bad habits, I loved and respected my daughter. But they broke up. I ask," Lisa, why are you breaking up? "And she answers me," Dad, he has no sense of humor. I can't take it anymore, I'm tired! "So? He'll meet now with a sense of humor and who will he be? Musician? Drink a cigarette? I know, he'll find a father's prototype now. And what can I say about that?" Leonid Agutin asked a rhetorical question.

The singer admitted that he did not approve of all of his daughter's boys. For example, one inspired the superstitious horror of the actor. "I remember: I'm still cringing. I was afraid of him, nightmare, black forces, gothic! And my daughter was his friend. And what could I do if she was interested?" – Quotes the artist "Interlocutor".

When Lisa broke up with him, and never crossed the line of a serious relationship, Leonid Agutin breathed a sigh of relief. The singer has admitted that he dreams of grandchildren, but prefers it to happen in antiquity: at first Pauline would make him happy and then Lisa. However, Leonid Agutin does not intend to pressure the heirs on this sensitive issue.

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