Dangerous flu already in Ukraine


New virus the flu in Ukraine can cause otitis media threatening hearing loss. This was said by the head of the otolaryngology department of the National University of Medicine in honor of A. Bogomolets, MD, Professor Yulia Deeva, they write "Facts". According to her, it is called bullous.

"Influenza virus infects the vascular wall and bulls form in the eardrum – blood-filled blisters. They are extremely sore, so the ear hurts a lot more than with normal otitis media. Bulls sometimes open, but if this does not happen, the doctor must, "she said.

According to Deeva, otitis bullosa can cause hearing loss – sensorineural hearing loss, so you should immediately consult a doctor. If the patient is slow for a week or two then it is often impossible to help him.

As reported by Vesti, the Ministry of Health said there is no threat of influenza virus in Ukraine. It has also been known that the incidence of influenza and ARVI in Kiev is gaining momentum.


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