Crying girl on the machine … Why are you still singing songs by Eugene Osin


It did not become Yevgeny Osina. And even if you do not know that name, the songs he sang certainly are familiar to you. Backyard romance – this is the style in which you can describe the direction of the work of Yevgeny Osin. Easy and incendiary music: a mix of sixties rock 'n' roll and pop rhythms from the seventies.


Zhenya was looking for songs from authors who could not get to the big stage. His talent for success never failed.

Osin said that despite the illiteracy of the lyrics of some songs, they still touch the soul more than the simple rhyming phrases that make up most of the songs of contemporary artists. And he was right: the Aspen songs have been loved and loved so far.

Creativity Eugene crossed with familiar names. So, for example, the text of the song "A girl crying in a machine" was written by Andrey Voznesensky, and the girl did not cry there, but she was freezing. But what you can not do for a success! And the music of "Portrait of Pablo Picasso" belongs to the Polish composer Vladislav Spielman, about whom the famous film "The Pianist" was made.

Eugene has always worked hard. The music fascinated him at 14, when he sat on the drums for the first time. There was an attempt to study at a music school, but "music" is a structure, and Zhenya did not fit the structure. He later graduated from refresher courses and received the right to teach. And before that he studied himself.

Who worked with Eugene Osin

Evgeny Osin on stage
Evgeny Osin on stage

From 1986 to 1989, Zhenya changed several teams. He even worked as a soloist in the Bravo group after Zhanna Aguzarova left. But Valery Syutkin appeared on the horizon and Aspen was replaced. In 1996, Boris Yeltsin took the stage during a poplar presentation.

His fiery dance with the dancers fell in the Associated Press movie, and later this photo received the famous Pulitzer Prize. It is true that the poplar photographer trembled, finding it odd in the photo.

The Aspen concerts were valuable because during the days of total and unprofessional "plywood" the Aspen group always sang live. There were ten people on the team, eight of whom worked on stage.

Parallel to the concert activity, Zhenya recorded clips, released albums – just like any other artist. And there were two collections of children's songs. And let them pass almost unnoticed in the context of the parade of "cowards singing," but children still enjoy listening to their "Bublik and Bagel".

Career Fall

In 2000, Aspen's career began to decline – electronic music came to replace backyard music, rock and roll changed rap. Zhenya tried to work with young artists, but everything was wrong, and the artist started drinking. Domestic drunkenness became a dense dependency.

Friends tried to somehow help, not so long ago, almost by force was sent to treatment in Thailand. But all was unsuccessful: apparently Osin himself did not want a cure. At least, all attempts to help you realize with bayonets.

Sad years

In recent years, a sad talk has been going on about Aspen's life. Career was, songs forgotten. Some support was provided by friends, something was gained in corporate events, sometimes – "old songs about the main" and "Disc of the 90s" …

Zhenya has already said that he will rent an apartment and go personally to a monastery. Alcoholism bloomed, kidney problems added. And the accident on the newly acquired bike did not contribute to health. Andrei Razin, in an interview, said that Aspen's legs were denied and that the injured hand did not heal.

And on November 17, 2018, Evgeny Osin died. He was found by his sister Albina, who came to the singer's house after he did not answer calls for a day. They say the cause of death was heart failure. His wife was only 54 years old.

His life, like his songs, was reckless and full of emotions. They say the singer left so early because of alcohol addiction, and someone will say – "burned." For an artist, the lack of demand is the deadliest disease, and the heyday of Aspen's career has long since passed.

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