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Coworking Network WeWork applies for IPO – Finance at

Not everyone throws money into "growth." Someone is interested in profit in the form of dividends and growth in market value. In this regard, it is interesting to look at the Norwegian pension fund. Large piggy bank – 2% of European funds, the first loss in 7 years. But they decided to reduce their risk appetite. Spanish lemmas

Or what is happening with KraftHeinz. A large company (about a quarter) of the market, but avoids the stagnation of profits. And the structure of 3G and Berkshire owners. The problems are in the management of 3G, and Buffett (Berkshire) suffers, and not all are ready for growth / investment, especially considering that, according to Graham, market growth and corporate growth do not guarantee profit growth and own income. And if you can not generate more profit, what is the solution? That's right, cut costs.

The problem is that after 2008 (well, or before, but let's consider 2008 as the peak), the money was printed much more than is produced in the real economy. So for someone, it is simply a written loss and a reduction in status, but for someone who invests their savings (we leave it on their consciences and mental abilities) – loss of income.

Well, in the end, no one has canceled the dot com, and the story spirals. Thus, these wivorki are a fairly symptom of the disease of the world economy. And his desire to quickly go to the IPO and sell at least somehow (let's see in half a year how much Lyft will cost, for example) is potentially fraud.

I'm not here for socialism, but it's better to read the "Short Game" instead of watching it. You go deeper.

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