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Celebrities have returned to the popular trend in the 2000s, the underwear thongs, which are visible underneath the clothes. Reported Vogue.

Fashion editor Liana Satenshtein called attention to the fact that, in the last shows of world brands, representing her collections spring-summer 2020, the models came out on the runway of thongs, pants coming from below the waist and stretched to the waist .

Photo posted by @bellahadid

For example, supermodel Bella Hadid appeared in such an image at the fashion show of the Italian fashion house Versace in Milan, and later another model came out on the runway with straps during the show by American stylist Heron Preston.

In addition, in May, at the Ball of the Met Metropolitan Gala Institute of Costume, the model Heili Bieber repeated the trend. The girl wore a soft pink Alexander Wang dress with her back down. The neckline also featured a model underwear stretched to the waist.

I knew it! Thank you for having me @voguemagazine and thank you @alexanderwangny ?

Photo posted by @haileybieber

In August of 2018, Kim Kardashian-West, participant in the reality show of the Kardashian Family tried to return to fashion trend from the 2000s. Celebrity posted a photo of the Instagram where she poses on the floor with her back to the camera in a yellow suit, under the skirt you can see the Gucci panties.

The Italian Gucci brand introduced this thing in its spring-summer collection in 1997. Later in the 2000s, showing thongs became a popular trend among celebrities, and today they are recognized as one of the legendary things of Gucci.

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