Car Lada XRAY Cruz November 3, 2018 was put up for sale at the country's reseller centers


LADA dealers across the country from November 3, 2018 began selling the new model – XRAY Cross. The car is available at a price of 729,900 to 888,900 rubles in three basic trim levels – Classic, Comfort and Luxe, for which two optional packages are available. In the first stage, customers are offered cars with 1.8 liter engine and 122 hp capacity. and mechanical gearbox.

Car Price Lada XRAY Cross

In contrast to LADA XRAY, the cross-version of the model in the initial configuration costs 100,000 more rubles, but at the same time it has a number of structural differences. Thus, the LADA XRAY Cross has a clearance above the ground (215 mm, ie 20 mm more than the normal version).

The overall dimensions and the track of the front and rear wheels have changed considerably. Among other differences: plastic body kit, roof rails and a more spacious and convertible interior. Also in the car there is a heated steering wheel, the steering wheel adjustment is implemented in the flight, the front seats with the developed lateral support develop.

In addition, future LADA XRAY Cross owners will be able to choose a mode of driving (Sport, Off-Road, sand, mud and snow) due to the special LADA Ride Select selector on the dashboard.

Test units Lada XRAY Cross

Even before the start of sales of the Lada XRAY Cross car, several Lada XRAY Cross cars were handed over to journalists for press tests, which took place in Kazakhstan.

Feeling Driving

Suspension Pro

The energy intensity is almost exorbitant: on a very conditional road placed in the spare tire, the XRAY Cross allows you to maintain a speed of about one hundred on the speedometer and do not throw gasoline in front of very serious bumps.

Pro direction

  1. Super clear zero. Heavy action is caused even by a slight deflection of the steering. The steering wheel is very clear and sharp.
  2. Manipulating Lada XRAY Cross liked it more than the Lada Vesta Cross.

About the noise insulation

The wheel arches have received new insulation elements. In general, the insulation level of a cheap car.

About Lada Ride Select

  1. The "Sand" mode – in the sand works clearly better than just the included ESC. The car came up with more confidence on the sand hill.
  2. The "Snow, Dirt" mode – the car starts to move with more confidence.
  3. The "Sport" mode – the reaction to the accelerator pedal is slightly aggravated, and under the gas discharge, the engine is in no hurry to reset the speed, allowing the next gear to be reached.
  4. The Lada Ride Select system really works efficiently.

Technical specifications of the Lada XRAY Cross car

About the engine

  1. Finally completed the 1.8-liter engine. New calibration successful. The engine pulls well from the bottom, does not choke, does not squirm.
  2. Consumption on the road 10 l / 100 km, in the city of 16 l / 100km.

About the manual

Not enough of the 6th gear.

Suspension Pro

  1. Excellent balance of energy intensity, comfort and stability.
  2. In the booklet goes smooth, rulitsya well.

Pro direction

When the steering column is fixed, it still has an up / down stroke of about 1 cm.

About ergonomics

  1. Heated seats and windshield buttons placed to the right of Lada Ride Select. Using the buttons is inconvenient because you have to get through the shift lever.
  2. The seat heating buttons are connected without a click, this is not natural.

About the noise insulation

With low speed and music off, if you listen, then something will buzz, it will emit a buzzer, which depends on the engine speed.

About Lada Ride Select

On a smooth, slippery climb, normal ESC mode works best (not "Snow" or "Sand" mode), which is less likely to allow wheel rotation.

Impressions of driving a Lada XRAY Cross

Pro direction

  1. "Bagel" has become much more comfortable as before.
  2. Reaction lost in the steering wheel, which occurred before, when the wheel fell on the unevenness, in the hole, asphalt hole. The electro-hydraulic booster, where a slow pump created the working fluid pressure, was changed to a well-adjusted electric booster.

About the noise insulation

The 1.8-liter unit starts to stand out against the overall background already starting at 3000 rpm, after more than a thousand, you have to stretch your voice, and at 5000 rpm comes the pure acoustic discomfort.

Pro direction

A clear zero appeared at the helm and straightened up more quickly. Any of your moves immediately causes feedback, and the machine itself safely secures the line.

Suspension Pro

We accelerate to 80-100 km / h and we do not throw gasoline in front of wells and bumps. And Xray did it! AvtoVAZ engineers were able to make a simple armor protection suspension.

About the noise insulation

It can not be said that the silence of death reigns in the hut, but you will not even have a head splintered with strange sounds. New noise insulation Lada is at the level of competitors. It is not worse or better.


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