Buyer bought Sony PlayStation 4 for 670 rubles and told how to do it


Although since the current generation of consoles has entered the market, more than five years have passed, but they are still very popular among buyers from around the world. Millions of people dream of buying a Sony PlayStation 4, but its high cost does not allow this. A talented buyer found a way out of this situation, having been able to buy a PS4 for 670 rubles. He shared his story and said how easy and simple it is to buy this console much cheaper than in stores and elsewhere.

One of the inhabitants of France for many years dreamed of becoming the owner of the Sony PlayStation 4 video game console, but his dream could not come true for several reasons. He hoped his parents would give him a PS4 on New Year's holidays, but nothing like that happened, soon after its completion, he thought about how to become the owner of this set-top box without significant material costs. For that, a 19 year old went to one of the big supermarkets in his city, after which he put many different products in a cart.

Among them was a box of PS4, within which there was a video game console. Using the self-service cash register, he weighed the console on a special fruit scale, giving only 690 rubles to it. To leave the store took to place all purchases on special scales. They did not notice (and should not have) any trick, after which the happy buyer went home with the Sony PlayStation 4 video game console. Someone would hardly know about this story if the young man did not want to buy a second console.

To do this, the next day he came to the same store and tried to buy a PS4 for 670 rubles (9 euros), but when he tried to leave the store, he was arrested by the guards, calling the police. They already knew of such a robbery the day before. During the trial, the astute buyer pleaded guilty and agreed to compensate the store for all undeclared damages. He also asked everyone to never do this, because this is the real steal. In view of all this, as well as the complete absence of previous convictions, a resident of France received four months in prison. Obviously, according to the similar method of Sony PlayStation 4 it is best to never buy as it is completely illegal.

Recently it has become known that the latest Sony PlayStation console has collapsed in the price of 2,990 rubles.

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