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Audi Ravchik? Laughing! »: AutoMedia: VladTime

The surveyor was unpleasantly surprised by the prices of the new generation of the popular "Japanese."

Worldwide, the new Toyota RAV4 has been successfully sold for almost a year and a half, but a refurbished car has deigned to reach Russia now. In early October, the updated Ravchikov production was given the green light at a factory in St. Petersburg.

Clickoncar researcher recalled that the fifth generation of the Toyota RAV4 was built on the new TNGA platform and externally – it looks very cool, although its exterior can safely be called quite controversial. A popular blogger expects driving a car to be as beautiful as it sounds, and says prices still bother him a lot.

The expert jokes that it would be more correct to apply the name "Mom, see, bought the Toyota RAV4 front-wheel drive, with a 149-horsepower 2-liter engine and a 6-speed manual" for the initial setup, since the cost of " base "starts at 1,756,000 rubles. For that kind of money, the driver explains, you can immediately get the four-wheel-drive Volkswagen Tiguan with a 1.4-liter DSG engine.

However, the new RAV4 already has 7 database airbags, LED optics, heated steering wheel and seats – overall, the combination is not bad. Next comes the Comfort version, with a very "complicated" drive, with mechanical speeds 1 and rear. This dubious happiness with front-wheel drive will cost buyers 1,980,000 rubles, while the cheaper four-wheel drive version will cost up to 2,087 million rubles.

A dual zone climate, a rear view camera, a big screen, cruise control, 18-inch wheels – there's nothing particularly impressive here, as all the rolls were left for the more expensive Toyota RAV4 for 2,621. 000 rubles: "It looks attractive in terms of technology, but the price Of course in space. Ravchik for the price of the Audi Q3? Laughing!".

Alexey Lopatin

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