Arsenal – Newcastle – 2: 0. NPS. 32 round. April 1, 2019. Ramsey and Lacazette Goals


Arsenal took advantage of the failure of Tottenham's neighbor in north London and moved up to third place in the Premier League. On Monday, the Unai Emery team beat Newcastle 2-0.

Aaron Ramsey opened the scoring. It happened like this:

In fact, a Ramsey goal was the second in the match. The first one did not count on the judge, seeing violation of the rules. At the end of this season, Ramsey will leave Arsenal and join Juventus. In Turin, it will earn 23 million euros per year. It seems that the Londoners have already begun to lose the Welshman.

Arsenal fans remember Ramsey will not be in the club next season.

Aaron Ramsey, do not leave us.

Hell, we're going to miss Ramsay.

I still can not believe Ramsey will not leave us, he will leave for free.

And 7 minutes before the end, Alexander Lacazette beautifully threw the ball over the goalkeeper – 2: 0. The French, like nowhere, does not leave the Arsenal. And that's good for the gunners.

Arsenal, who went through their fourth favorite place, immediately rose to the top three, taking Tottenham away, which is especially good for the top scorers. "Spurs" spent terribly the last games: only one point in five, four losses, considering Sunday of "Liverpool" (1: 2).

Most recently, Tottenham Hotspurts took competitors to a place in the Champions League 10 points (and "pressed" in "City" with Liverpool "), but now four teams will be cut to the Champions League.In the 6 main submarines, (63 points), Tottenham Hotspot (61), Manchester United (61) and Chelsea (60) – two trips to the main club tournament on the planet.

It's who play with these teams at the end of the season. Calendar Arsenal:

  • Everton (g)
  • Watford (r)
  • Crystal Palace (d)
  • Wolverhampton (r)
  • Leicester (g)
  • Brighton (e)
  • Burnley (R)


  • Crystal Palace (d)
  • Huddersfield (d)
  • Manchester City (r)
  • Brighton (e)
  • West Ham (e)
  • Bournemouth (r)
  • Everton (d)


  • Wolverhampton (r)
  • West Ham (e)
  • Everton (g)
  • Manchester City (d)
  • Chelsea (d)
  • Huddersfield (g)
  • Cardiff (d)


  • Brighton (e)
  • West Ham (e)
  • Liverpool (g)
  • Burnley (d)
  • MU (g)
  • Watford (d)
  • Leicester (g)

Formally, "MJ" and "Chelsea" will be more difficult: they have two remaining main games. Tottenham have one with City (there are only three in a row, but two in the Champions League), Arsenal do not play with direct competitors. But the Premier League calendar is misleading, here you can lose points with the underdogs, but to win the "big game". So it's stupid to predict now, it's best to stock up on popcorn and cut into NPS. It's going to be very cool.


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