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Angelica Agurbash

Singer Angelica Agurbash in "The Destiny of a Man" admits she divorced the famous "king of sausage" Nikolai Agurbash, "not to be a slave."

At first their relationship seemed like a fairy tale: shortly after they met, Nikolai said the words were so desirable to a woman that now all her problems are over.

And really: Angelica first received from him a maximum of love, attention, care.

Nikolay gave his life in comfort, and then divorced his wife, who gave him four children, and the couple married. And soon they had a son, Anastas.

It is with Nicholas that her takeoff is connected as a singer. Agurbash became not only a husband, but also an Anastasia producer.

For 10 years of her marriage, she participated in Eurovision, released several albums, gave a solo concert in the Kremlin.

However, over time, the romantic story began to turn into drama.

Angelica says she did not recognize that Nicholas, who imagined herself "god," said seriously that he "created" her so the singer would no longer have the right to vote.

The actress tells us that she got to the beatings, so that one day she could not stand it, took the ring and went into a free life, although she had practically nothing of her own at the time – everything belonged to Nikolay.

"I got to the point where I realized that he would either cripple me or kill me. She would die on her three acres of land, come to the show and say," I ran away with my lover and I loved her so much. " recognized singer

The couple divorced in 2012, and was one of the most notorious and dramatic divorces of show business.

Angelica told the media about how despotic Nicholas behaved, and he rebuked his ex-wife with treason, an ultimatum about her first wife's divorce, and that she had turned her eldest son against him.

About life before meeting with Agurbash and after divorcing him, former men and children, working on set "Verasy" and a gift from Philip Kirkorov, when she met for Eurovision, Angelica tells Boris Korchevnikov in the program "Man's Fate" on Russia's TV channel 1 ".


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