A boyfriend of Anna Sedokova a month ago broke the engagement with the bride


Anna Sedokova

Anna Sedokova // Photo: Instagram

The singer is always enough attention of men. About a year ago, she ended up with the father of Hector's son – the businessman Artem Komarov. After that, there were novels that the artist tried not to announce. However, she admitted recently that her heart was not free again: Andrei Mironov, 24, a champion of the Moscow Dynamo hockey club, has become a new suitor for Sedokova, 35.

As it turned out, a month ago the guy was in the status of the groom and was planning a wedding with model Alexandra Kharitonova. I heard the boys ended the relationship because of Andrei's excessive attention to girls and possibly betrayal, "he told StarHit, surrounded by a couple. Sedokova appeared almost immediately after the farewell. A good replacement for Sasha! She, by the way, left the groom alone. This did not happen for the first time, after repeated fights, the hockey player tried to return Kharitonov, asked for gifts, apologized. This lasted two years, and a few months ago even made an offer, handed the ring. The guys were planning to get married. But marriage will not be. Sasha continues to communicate with the families of other players, although she has interrupted the connection with Andrey.

According to the team's fans, Anna has never been a fiery cheerleader before. I met a promising athlete through friends in common. Alexander does not cling to the previous evil.

"We have different ideas about family and family values," said Staritov Kharitonov. "It was easier for me to go than to stay with a person who loves freedom." Common acquaintances told of Anna Sedokova: they say they are together. But then I really did not know who it was – not even a fan of old artists "

Alexandra Kharitonov

Alexandra Kharitonov // Photo: Instagram

By the way, more recently, Anna Sedokova assured the fans that she was in love and talked about a possible relationship, but some time later she came back down. The singer said on her microblog that she has no boyfriend. As for Mironov, he does not comment on the case with the singer.

Andrey Mironov

Andrey Mironov // Photo: Instagram


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