? Maria Kozhevnikova did not hold back emotions and expressed everything to Shepeleva


Not only ordinary subscribers, but also actress Maria Kozhevnikova, responded to Shepelev's behavior on Instagram, the Internet site "7 Days.ru" reported. She could not contain the emotions and talked about the situation with the son of Zhanna Friske in the comments of the video.

"It is impossible for Dmitry to laugh at this.I will not write furious comments, and wish all the curses, no, but for me he is not a man and certainly not a loving father.Because when you put your adult emotions, sharing properties in the first place, and the interests of the child (including communication with relatives) in the end, in every way preventing, ridiculing elderly people who have lost a daughter, it breaks the human background. their grandparents, grandmothers, aunts and godmothers, this characterizes the father of the worst side.I would like to wish him humanity, worldly wisdom and understanding that a child needs all relatives, and no father, not even the most handsome and careful (maybe Dmitry is like this) will not replace them! " wrote the actress.

People's favorite, Zhanna Friske, was four years ago, but her ex-husband, Dmitry Shepelev, and his relatives still can not find common language. Now the TV presenter is committed to raising his average child independently, but in any case prevents parents from communicating with Friske and his grandson. For this, Shepelev receives a regular "rebuke" on his page in the social network Instagram.

Yesterday, June 19, he posted a video response to subscribers who are quickly responding to the situation in their family. Dmitry noticed that everyone just saw enough of the TV and drew the wrong conclusions.

"The impressionable people, have seen enough television, now write bad comments"said the host.

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Earlier 5-tv.ru reported that Dmitry Shepelev embarrassed fans of Zhanna Friske.


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