WINTER WINES in Bucharest. City assailed by snow and strong winds. WHAT'S AWAY?


Winter time. Elena Mateescu, director of NMA, announces that snow will take over in the next 48 hours in most of the country, and in some areas there will be significant gusts of wind. A yellow code warning was issued.

Meteorologists have announced that heavy snow will be placed on Bucharest roads on Sunday night, and the city has prepared 328 machines to clean the city, and sanitation operators will apply material throughout the night.

"Given the warning received today (Sunday, no) from the National Meteorological Administration, announcing the snowfall in the capital, the mayor, Gabriela Firea, asked the sanitation operators to apply the treatments throughout the night. ramps, bridges and crossings, but also in the area of ​​schools, hospitals and other facilities of public interest, so that the road and pedestrian traffic of tomorrow morning will not be affected. the sectors of the Capital, so that they can intervene as soon as possible, if climatic conditions impose it, "says a statement sent by the City Hall.

The yellow code will be valid from November 18, from 10:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. The phenomena targeted are usually moderate rains – snow, then snow and rain in the affected areas: Oltenia, Western Muntenia, Central and North, the NMA announced.

In the target range, precipitation will usually be moderate in quantity, first in the snow, and snow will be deposited, and on Monday morning, November 19, the snow will gradually turn into snow and rain. Temporarily the wind will have some intensifications with speeds generally of 40 … 50 km / h.

On November 18, November 22 – 19, 22 hours, it will be a moderate yellow snowflake with snow code in the areas: South and East Carpathians, Banat Mountains, Moldavia, East and South Transylvania.

During Sunday night, on Monday (18/19 November) and during Monday (November 19), it will temporarily snow in moderate amount and a more consistent layer of snow will be deposited. There will be time intervals in which the wind will have intensified bursts that go on average 45 … 55 km / h, especially in southern Moldova.

In Dobrudja, east and northeast Muntenia the wind will intensify, with a speed of 55 … 75 km / h. There will be precipitation predominantly in the form of rainfall, and the amount of water will exceed 30 l / m² locally, according to ANM meteorologists.

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