Saturday , June 12 2021


Windows 10 KB4023057

Windows 10. A new frustrating problem affects the Microsoft operating system, but this should not cheer anyone up, especially since 2018, which ended with similar problems. More specifically, the patch KB4023057 released by Microsoft a few days ago, has been withdrawn because it causes very high operational problems for customers, but has been re-released now and, of course, is no longer automatically installed on the computers after download.

Windows 10. The retraction was made because the patch generates extremely high problems for users, even blocking computers, but they have been resolved, only that the problem-free version can no longer be installed. Error 0x80070643 is the message that users who try to install this update for Windows 10 see on their own computers and of course, Microsoft still does not have a solution to this new confusing situation.

Windows 10 has a new patch problem

Windows 10. Because there is such a problem for users who use the operating system, no one knows yet, but the patch has been released several times by Microsoft. It's possible that all of these interleaved releases have overloaded Windows 10 and so users are experiencing these issues, rather than taking advantage of the update and resolving the problems encountered, as would have been normal from the beginning.

Windows Update has just tried (and failed) to install and "KB4023057" update only now. Am I wondering what is on earth? I can not find a post on the official Microsoft website on this, and any news articles I find (from MONTHS ago) talk about it by tinkering with files in the user's directory and network settings. So what is update KB4023057?

Windows 10. Some users have been able to resolve the issue by uninstalling the previous update so that their latest version is displayed for automatic installation, but not everyone can use this solution. Windows 10 goes from one problem to another, Microsoft was unable to have a constant in providing a normal operating system experience or installing updates.

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