Why the BlackBerry Messenger application will close


Why the BlackBerry Messenger application will close

Long before there were WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger applications, there was the BlackBerry Messenger application. This application allowed BlackBerry device owners to easily communicate with each other and share content.

The world has changed a lot in the last decade, and the BlackBerry is no longer the king of the telephony market. There is not even one player, and although he has tried to keep the BBM application alive, he now acknowledges his defeat in that regard.

BlackBerry stopped producing its own smartphones a few years ago. The company offered its brand to the Chinese company TCL, which now produces BlackBerry smartphones with the Android operating system.

The Canadian company tried to compete in the bustling messenger market, turning BBM into a multi-platform application and improving its functionality, but clearly it was not enough.

The company acknowledges its defeat and says that despite the substantial efforts it has made to make BBM relevant again, users have shifted to other platforms.

In addition, this has made it more difficult for Canadian companies to attract new users to Messenger, since users are more likely to clutter platforms that their friends and families are already using.

Thus, it was decided to shut down the BlackBerry Messenger service for consumers on May 31, 2019. The company posted a frequently asked questions page that provides more details on the closure.

This closure of Messenger does not affect the corporate version of BBM, which is a completely separate application. BlackBerry Limited has announced that it makes BBM Enterprise available for individual use.

The company says that this decision was made in respect of BBM's loyal users. The BBMe app is available in the Play Store and will soon be available in the App Store. The Messenger service will be free for the first year, after which a 6-month subscription will cost $ 2.49.


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