What plans does Emil Rengle have with the "Farm" award if he wins?


Emil Rengle wants to prove that he is a person involved in various social issues, so he wants the amount he will get if he wins the Farm to donate it to a charity purpose, the anti-drug association.

"The Romanians supported me in 2018 and helped me to establish myself in Bucharest. They gave me confidence, they voted for me and I won." Now it's my turn to give, I want to be able to win and not just donate money for an Anti-Drug Association, but to get real and active involvement in campaigns to help young people evolve, "said Emil Rengle, according to viva.ro.

Emil Rengle, changing profession. From father to dancer

Emil Rengle's parents wanted him to become a priest. But for him, dancing was a paradise, and that passion he wore all over the world, earning money from his passion. He wants to win the farm to donate the prize to an organization that supports young drug addicts.

"I started dancing at age 7 and I have not stopped since then.I knew from the beginning that dance is my refuge.It was never easy for me to be different.My coming to the Farm is a way to help all those who are or are feel different, to convince them that they do not have to hide or pretend to be alone, "said Emil.


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