What is not good! Not only Gigi Becali is trying to take Baluta from Brighton! The English play PUMP: another Premier League club wants it! What will happen


Romania U21 – England U21, the second tricolor match at EURO U21, is played tonight at 19:30.

Tudor Baluta He was one of the top scorers of the win with Croatia, scored 4-1, and is one of the best Romanian players.

Baluta has already signed with Brighton in the winter, but Florin Andone has the best chance of staying. At least that is what the English journalists say.

Argus, a local pub in Brighton, announces that another Premier League club was interested in Baluta and a Serie A band. According to British journalists, Watford and Udinese, clubs with the same employer, were interested in the possibility to bring it to Baluta. The British write that Brighton will probably not be able to hold and loan the young Romanian midfielder to one of the teams that want him.

Gigi Becali is trying to bring him to the FCSB

Gigi Becali, the FCSB's financier, said immediately after the match with Croatia that he would try to take him to Baluta. Becali admitted that the failure of the transfer of Tudor Baluta is one of his big mistakes when he is an FCSB patron and wants to rescue this error with an offer of 3 million euros.

"My only regret is that I lost Baluta, who I think will be Romania's greatest footballer, the greatest footballer of the generation now. I liked the whole team, but I regret that Baluta did not like it." I called him from Gica today to tell him to speak to the English, I gave him 2 million, I gave him 3 for him, Gica did not answer, but I talk to him I give 3 million per seat to Baluta " Becali announced for PROTV and www.sport.ro.

Baluta could reach Barcelona

Gica Popescu says that he proposed Baluta to Barcelona, ​​but the Catalans did not want that at the time.

"Tudor Baluta spent seven years in my soccer academy, he seemed a lot on TV and learned to get away from me, he drives as much as I do, said Gica Popescu.


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