"We can not eat, we can not walk, rats walk beside us" »The leadership reaction


Article by – Sergiu Alexandru Thursday, November 15, 14:26

Snagov Sport is the second in the second division, but the club is a very tense situation.

According to sources at GSP.RO, Laszlo Balint players refused to train today. They left 10 minutes in the field, ran and went to the locker room. The footballers are dissatisfied with the leadership and the fact that they have not received their money. The last salary received by footballers was for August and asked the bosses to solve the situation.

"There are mice on the table!

Several voices within the team told GSP.RO about the situation in which the club is struggling for promotion. "We have not paid for months. We asked the leadership when we received the money and they say, "It's settled, it's settled." We have families to keep and it is very difficult. We need to do something to be aware.

We have 4 league conditions. We can not even eat, because the rats walk beside us. Today, after training, we were in recovery and the service woman came to film us drinking beer. And we argue that why we put the shirts on the floor and why we use the towels.

We in the locker room are a united group. The coach motivates us and we do everything to win every game. But those in the lead do not even come to us. We ask when this is settled, but nothing is said to us. Only the former are up to date, but I understand someone else is paying, "say Gazeta Sporturilor players.

"We're going to solve problems"

Cătălin Rufă, chairman of the Sportul Snagov team, spoke with GSP.RO about the situation at the club and said he would solve the problems.

Jthe devotees had to receive the money on 31 and I took two weeks. There was a lack of liquidity. But the problem will be solved. There's no way we can not afford the players.

The club has very good conditions. Players are staying in a 4 star hotel. I did not know about the rat problem. But let's talk and solve it as soon as possible. The players are eating at the club because it was decided earlier in the season. But if it is, we move them to the restaurant. Let's solve all the problems and everything will be fine. We do not belong to the City Hall to earn money at any time"said Cătălin Rufă.

Contacted by GSP.RO, coach Laszlo Balint declined to comment on the situation, saying he was concentrating on the match against U Cluj but made it clear that this is a difficult situation.

At Snagov Sport, the atmosphere was tense for a long time, after talks about moving the team to Resita in the winter.

  • Snagov, who finished second with 36 points, plays an extremely important match on Sunday with 11 points from U Cluj, with 33 points.


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