Saturday , October 23 2021

(video) Tesla Summon – a function in which mobile owners can call their cars in the distance


Summon function appeared on Tesla electric cars equipped with automatic pilot systems before 2016. Initially, its functionality was quite simple – the electric vehicle could move forward and back a few meters through a mobile application without the presence of a driver behind the wheel to facilitate parking in narrow spaces.

Recently, however, following a preliminary announcement from Elon Musk, Tesla owners began to gain access to the enhanced feature – Evoke Enhanced.

After upgrading the machine's firmware and the mobile application, the Tesla drivers have a nice bonus. When accessing the Enhanced Summon feature, owners receive a FIND ME button or place a label with their location on a map.

If the FIND ME button is pressed and held on the screen, the electric car will exit the park / parking lot and automatically go to the GPS signal of the owner's phone, carefully ignoring all obstacles. If the geographic location is chosen based on a label, the machine will go alone at the selected location.

The Advanced Evocation works 50 meters from the owner. If the FIND ME button is no longer pressed, the machine will detect this and will not continue the movement.

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