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VIDEO PHOTO Giant Tornado in Drajna: Coach with 40 people on board, knocked down by rocks, shattered roofs. Red intervention plan


UPDATE 9:00 PM Several trees and pillars were demolished during the whirlwind that hit the county of Ialomita, with the firemen intervening in dozens of cases. According to a first report from ISU representatives Ialomiţa, following a violent storm recorded in the county, there were numerous cases where the fire brigade was needed, reports news.ro.

Thus, in the municipality of Urziceni, the firemen intervened to release the detached ceiling of a block.

In the city of Ţăndărei, on the way to Platoneşti, several trees fell on the DJ 201 or the electric wires, leaving the homes without electricity. In addition, the roofs of several houses broke and were blown away by the wind, while two streams of current were knocked down by strong gusts of wind.

Also in Tandarei, several trees have fallen into electrical wires, which is why the workers of the gas supply company are now trying to remedy the damage.

In Gura Ialomiţei, a naked shot turned off the road. Garda Tsandarei gave first aid to the driver, who refused transportation to the hospital and arranged for the accident at the scene. Other trees collapsed in DN2A, in the Strachina neighborhood, where the roofs of some houses were blown away.

UPDATE 7:55 Village Constantin Brâncoveanu, severely affected by the violent storm. Mayor: 15 houses have no roof – DETAILS HERE

Dragalina's mayor, Gabriel Stanciu, is in the village most severely affected by the storm. According to him, there are no people injured, but only material damages. "In Constantin Brâncoveanu we have 15 houses with no roof, but fortunately no one was injured." And "Dragalina," said Mayor Gabriel Stanciu.

UPDATE 19:18 According to Raed Arafat, eight people were transported to Slobozia Hospital after the trainer was overthrown by the Drajna tornado. The head of the Department of Emergency Situations also said that since the first information there are affected homes in various localities in the area (counties of Ialomita and Călăraşi). These are about 2-3 buildings affected in Tandarei, Boteni and Urziceni.

UPDATE 18:39 George Iacob, mayor of Călăraşi, said four victims were transported to Slobozia Hospital at this time. There are 12 ambulances on site, and the emergency nameplate was activated to assess the damage caused by the extreme weather phenomenon after several roofs that were destroyed by storms.

In the wagon knocked down, 39 passengers traveled from Feteşti to Slobozia.

Baragan is, at the time of this news, still under alert orange code of violent storms. According to the ISU Calarasi, a bus with 40 people was caught in the whirlwind. The car was knocked down, 7 of the passengers were injured and one was worse.

"ISU Călăraşi activated the Red Intervention Plan with several intervention teams being mobilized ashore. Six teams are at ISU Călăraşi, 3 from ISU Ialomiţa, but a team was mobilized," plt.adj said. , Ovidiu Tataranu, ISU spokesman Calarasi.

According to Ovidiu Tataranu, at this time several teams are going to crash.

Chief of the Emergency Situations Department, Raed Arafat, told Digi24 that the red light intervention plan was activated and that, from the initial information on the spot, the victims would not have serious problems, but the situation could change at the moment to the moment, and the number of injured could increase.

Arafat also said that at this time there is no information that there are other cars tipped by the tornado.

What the National Meteorological Administration says:

Meteorologists say the tornado that formed in Drajna, in the county of Calarasi, is a fairly rare meteorological phenomenon and will determine exactly how intense it was. However, they warn that although the tornado has subsided, there is still a risk of gusts in the region.

"There have been two types of tornadoes, some of which are formed from the supercell and can have an intensity between F1 and F5.In the case of this meteorological phenomenon, we will have to measure, depending on what damage was in the area, to see the intensity of the tornado and say what exactly was there, "he told meteorologist Adevărul. of service.

According to him, there are still dangers in the area. "There may be hail, it is not excluded that there will be gusts of wind. Compared with other regions, such phenomena in our country are quite rare," he added.

The Făcăeni tornado

In August 2002, the Ialomita village of Făcăeni, on the left bank of the Borcea arm, was on the verge of being ridiculed by the face of the earth for the only tornado that struck Romania.

Făcăeni, a village in the heart of Baragan, located on the left bank of the Danube Borcea, was hit in August 2002 by a strong wind. Hundreds of homes and an entire forest were put in just a few minutes. Experts who studied the phenomenon came to the conclusion that it was a tornado. The only one registered in Romania.

On August 12, 2002, when the tornado struck Făcăeniul, the locals were all at home and were preparing to finish their work on the patio.

It was after six o'clock when a black cloud saw it coming from the north. The cloud approached the village and the strong wind began to beat. Vijelia began to turn into a black funnel and come to us, "recalls a woman who told him in an interview to the True who lived then.

He barely entered the house when he heard how he scratched the doors and windows and saw the wind rip pieces from his house.

"We were all hiding under the table, I do not think it lasted more than five minutes, but it completely destroyed our house," recalls Anica Popa as the rocks swept dozens of houses in Făcăeni.

In order to escape the anger of nature unleashed, the woman lived next to her children and grandchildren under the kitchen table. They were discovered by the soldiers an hour after the plague had subsided.

A report from the Civil Protection Inspectorate of the Ialomita, now an Emergency Situation Inspector, extensively reports the damage done. According to the document, 428 houses were damaged, 30 – completely destroyed and 120 hectares of sliced ​​forest vegetation. At the same time, the entire electrical network of the locality has been damaged. 14 people were injured and one woman and one child were killed. The amount of damages registered exceeded the equivalent of 5.7 million lei. The wind would have speeds between 250 and 300 kilometers per hour.

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