Upper Room Flacara returned to the Palace of the Hall


One of the artists who took the stage at the Palace Hall, Ducu Bertzi, told us that the atmosphere during the show was extraordinary. A whole audience performed at the same time as performers.

It seemed the public did not want the show to end, each interpreter asking him to do it. This made the show take no more than eight hours.

"I sang at 1 o'clock in the evening. I arrived an hour later than the original show, "Ducu Bertzi told us.

He also noted that many young people are perfectly familiar with the songs released decades ago at Cenalc. Demonstrating that parents told their children about what Cenac's music and atmosphere had in the 1970s and 1980s.

Of the thousands of cheeks was Craiova's hymn, "Oltenia, the eternal New-Earth." The lyrics were written by Adrian Paunescu. It was one of the moments with a great emotional load. This time, in memory of those who left us recently, Ilie Balaci.

Evandro Rossetti, Radu Gheorghe and Mircea Vintilă. Rare Cosma, Turtle and Lamb


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