UPDATE Gabi Tamaş, in court in Israel, after being caught at 205 km / h and with alcoholism, which in Romania is punished with imprisonment! »News from the GSP correspondent


update 18:00

According to the GSP correspondent IsraelGabi Tamas risks a fine and is also liable to prison with suspension. He runs the risk of running out of his driver's license.


Unofficial sources of the footballer's entourage claims that Gabriel Tamaş had been denied the request for release and arrest at home. The player would be held in custody in Petah Tikva for 24 hours until Wednesday, when he was due to appear again before the judges.

UPDATE 3:30 p.m.

The Israeli press published the first picture with Gabi Tamas at the Petah Tikva court, accompanied by police officers. The defender will be heard soon and will discover his punishment.

gabi tamas

PHOTOGRAPH: sport1.maariv.co.il

Early News:

Police in northern Israel tracked a 205 km / h car on the road in a part where the limit was only 90 km / h.

Within a few miles, the cops were able to stop the car and smelled of alcohol when they reached the driver's window. After the tests, it was found that it had an alcoholic content of 0.77 mg / l of pure alcohol in the exhaled air, three times the legal limit in Israel.

OK but
Radar, test result and soccer player // PHOTO: sport1.maariv.co.il

Even if no name has been officially published, the clues in the Israeli police report leave no room for doubt:a foreign player from Hapoel Haifa, born in 1983. " Gabi Tamas is the only one in the lot that matches the description.

"I also learned from the press I tried to call him Do not answer me on the phone"Florin Manea, former Tamas businessman, by GSP.RO

The football player is currently on the court of Petah Tikva, where he hopes to be tried. Beside him is the sports director of the team. The driver was detained his license and the telephone.

Tamaş is one of the most important players in Hapoel Haifa, a team he has played since 2017.

"No matter what I drink, it's important to do it with measure.Where does it say you can not get out if you lose a game? You're not in jail" Gabi Tamaş in December 2018, in an interview with the media in Israel


Tamas would have gone the evening of Monday before the incident at the Nammos Restaurant near Tel Aviv. At least that's what an InstaStory shows to the defender's wife.


In Romania, driving a vehicle with more than 0,50 mg / l of pure alcohol in the exhaled air shall be considered an offense and shall be punished with imprisonment for 1 to 5 years.

In September 2014, Tamas received a conviction in the country, 8 months suspended, after destroying the door in a doorway of the block.


  • December 2004: devastated a restaurant in Poiana Brasov with several friends, under the influence of alcoholic beverages
  • September 2005: I spent all night, and after getting drunk, I decided to come to Dynamo by coaching
  • November 2005: scandal at a club in Brasov after a 1-1 draw with Dinamo, with Jiu
  • September 2008: went to a bowling club and left with the streetcar tossing in special attire for access to the gym
  • October 2008: After a night of drunkenness, Nicolae Badea called: "I'm starting today with K1. I do not want to play football anymore"
  • February 2009: Being drunk, scandal in the Dinamo cantonment, called the masters at three in the morning to massage him
  • July 2010: He jumped to beat the waiters at his brother's wedding after they did not thank him as they served
  • June 2011: He made a great day in the morning and missed the South American tournament of selections
  • August 2011: He drank with Mutu until the morning before the match Romania – San Marino and was excluded from the batch
  • May 2013: Being intoxicated, he broke the door of an apartment block in Bucharest and slept at a price
  • October 2013: he was expelled from CFR Cluj after having spent the morning at a restaurant in Cluj
  • October 2013: After drinking with Pancu, he hit two punches and broke the nose of the former Rapid striker
  • February 2015: he got drunk and made a monster scandal at Bourceanu's wedding, arguing with his brother
  • July 2015: After a night of drunkenness, he did not wake up, did not show up and did not answer the phone to go to Severin for Pandurii's fight, and Radovi excluded him from the lot
  • August 2016: He passed the Old Center until 9 am, snatched a person who filmed the device and then crushed him on the sidewalk sidewalk
  • February 2017: he got drunk at the camp in Turkey and was sent home by Reghe, but Becali insisted that he stay in Antalya


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