Two of the most beloved actors in the world are together! What are the tabloids from the outside?


Angelina Jolie and Keanu Reeves form the newest Hollywood couple, according to US tabloids. They met through the star mother and liked the first one. The two recently started a relationship, according to the tabloid Celebrity Insider, quoted by Cancan.

After Brad Pitt's divorce, Angelina Jolie had no official partner, and Keanu Reeves has repeatedly stated that she is alone but available. It seems the two Hollywood actors have been a physical and psychic attraction from the beginning, and have discovered that they have many things in common.

"Keanu is very close to her mother and visits her very often. That's how she met Angie. Obviously it was an attraction and they also discovered they have things in common," said a source close to Keanu Reeves for Star. According to the same source, Keanu Reeves has already met Angeline Jolie's six children: Maddox (17), Pax (15), Zahara (14), Shiloh (13), Vivienne (10) and Knox. years).

However, Keanu Reeves' manager says there is nothing between the actor and Angelina Jolie because "he does not have time for a relationship," being busy promoting his new movie, Toy Story 4.


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