Translations in real time by phone – 15.01.2019


The world will become "friendlier" once an application allows people to understand much more easily even if they do not speak the same language. Google announces that its digital assistant will soon be able to translate conversations with a new way of interpreting in real time.

Google Assistant will integrate what the US company called Interpreter Mode, a form especially dedicated to the real-time translation of conversations between speakers of two different languages, reports

For example, an English speaker can give the voice command "Hey Google, be my Spanish interpreter". when he wants Google Assistant to translate the conversation in real time with a Spanish speaker. Real-time translation will occur in both directions. The Google Assistant will begin translating one second after the first caller finishes speaking and will do the same once the second caller finishes. For the English speaker of the given example, the Google Assistant will translate from Spanish to English and, for the Spanish speaker, the translation will be from English to Spanish. Google did not announce a release date for these facilities, but said the translation would be available in 27 languages ​​at the time of launch.

The first devices that will integrate the new way of interpreting Google Assistant, shortly before the Android smartphones, will be the intelligent devices of the Google Home series. Google sees a broad application of this technology in retail and customer support where real-time translation helps company employees communicate quickly with customers in other countries. In fact, before the official launch of the new facility, it will be tested at several Las Vegas hotels.

The Google Assistant has also been recently integrated with Google Maps, where it helps users to use the phone while navigating exclusively on voice commands. According to Google, the Wizard is available in 80 countries and operates in 30 languages, and by the end of this month will be integrated into more than one billion devices.


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