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They're brothers Andrew! Here's what everyone does.

"You are a wonderful family, be healthy with your families and your parents because they have what they are proud of!" Or, "I want you to spend your whole life with sisters and brothers, to understand, because it is a good and good thing," are just two of the 400 messages received by Andra, alongside the photo in which the soloist has his brothers together. If Andra is a top soloist, being crowned "The Queen of Music", her brother, Sndel Mihai (42), shines in the spotlight, being a talented singer of folk music. Click! Tell me what your beautiful sisters are doing.

Diana Mihai (age 43) is coordinating her work at a senior center in Campia Turzii, and Aura Claudia, 36, is a makeup artist and also a cosmetician at a beauty center in her hometown of Campia Turzii. Andra is often left in the sister's hand for a divine performance look. If all four are in their homes and can satisfy all their desires, their childhood has been marked by deficiencies: "The fact that we did not have money made us more united, we know how to appreciate the little one.We were very understanding children, I did not want but it was very good.I can not remember the presents, but the experiences of that time.All the children went to the windows and praised what they received from their parents, they all had oranges.I know that in a year we did not receive anything and we did not go out the window so we did not laugh, "Andra told Antena Stars.

Andra spent the Easter holidays in Italy in Rome, along with her husband, Catalin Măruţă, and their two children, Eva (3 years) and David (7 years), and on Saturday night they attended the Resurrection service in a Romanian church. Catalin praised the little ones in their social accounts: "We would walk around the world with them, they are beautiful and have great bags with lots of toys, but Eva and David are the best vacationers. best ice cream. "

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