The Samsung Galaxy A90 may be part of the Galaxy R series; Waiting for the 45W charging cradle


Already last summer, we discovered that Samsung is planning to expand the Galaxy A series, a part of this range is the Galaxy A90. This latest device has been associated with a large number of leaks and fixed the edge of its launch, we would find that it actually reaches the market with the name of Galaxy A80, a decision we do not understand and that has made us think if the Galaxy A90 will eventually exist or not.

From the information that is arriving today, it seems that this phone will no longer exist, at least not under this name. We have found that the Samsung Galaxy A90 real estate is about to launch the series Galaxy R, being referred to as the SM-A90x code. This would be the first phone in the new range and also comes with the fact that it supports charging at 45W.

It will also offer a triple camera on the back, a large display and will also have a 5G version. The most interesting aspect of this equation is the 45W load technology originally associated with Galaxy Note 10. Finally, we found that Note 10 will support 25W of power.

We look forward to more details on this mysterious Galaxy R.

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