The richest man in the world is accusing a well-known publication that he blackmails him with naked shots


Jeff Bezos, Amazon's CEO and owner of the Washington Post, wrote on Thursday that the National Enquirer tried to blackmail him, apparently threatening to post photos that he appears naked if he does not give up seeing how the text messages were revealed which led at the end of their marriage.

Bezos made the allegations through a message posted on his blog, which includes several emails received from American Media, Inc. (AMI), editor of the National Enquirer, writes Variety.

In an email, AMI Content Director Dylan Howard describes one of the photographs taken by the publication as "a selfie made under the belt". Other photos, he says, are Bezos' half-naked half-asses in different situations, and his new partner, Lauren Sanchez, about whom Howard says "reveals his cleavage."

Bezos assumes that the AMI used photographs to influence him, making a statement stating that the AMI had no political interest in pursuing a story about his love affair.

Rather than conclude an agreement with the AMI, Bezos decided to publicly disclose: "If I can not take my attitude toward this kind of blackmail, how many people can?"

The dispute between Bezos and the National Enquirer began last month when the tabloid first published photographs of the Amazon boss with Sanchez, apparently made before he filed the divorce papers. Enquirer continued the story by posting messages exchanged by the two, some of them dated, according to the paper, last April.

Bezos later hired a detective to discover the origin of those messages and determine if the publication sought to use that story as a political revenge for the articles of The Washington Post that the Amazon CEO bought in 2013.

"It is inevitable that some powerful people who have appeared in the Washington Post articles will conclude that they are their enemies." President Trump is one of them, obviously out of Twitter's many messages, as well as the relentless and essential coverage of the subject of the journalist's murder. Jamal Khashoggi of The Post undoubtedly provoked antipathy in some circles, "Bezos wrote.

Trump publicly attacked Bezos in posts posted on Twitter and other lines. He said the Amazon has a problem of free competition, bringing to light a possible investigation into this.

When the story of Bezos's divorce and new relationship was published, Trump wrote: "I wish you good luck. It will be a beauty."

The AMI is already involved in a federal investigation into Michael Cohen, a former US lawyer, and the values ​​offered to women who claim to have had relations with Donald Trump.

American Media, Inc. Last year it signed an agreement with prosecutors, in which it admitted that it had provided payments to Karen McDougal's model to prevent her from disclosing her charges in the last months of the 2016 presidential campaign.

The company also acknowledged that in August 2015, David Pecker, CEO, offered to help Cohen manage the subject of Trump's dealings with several women, buying up his rights and avoiding publication.

Through this agreement, AMI avoided the charge for violating the campaign finance law, but this was conditioned – the company should not commit any offense.

It is not clear whether the accusations brought by Bezos will now spark the interest of New York prosecutors in re-evaluating the deal with the publisher.

Jeff Bezos said he was initially verbally approached by AMI officials who threatened to post new photos and messages if he did not give up his own research as well as Washington Post articles on the subject. When he did not respond, AMI sent the threats in writing. "In addition to the blackmail, I decided to publish exactly what they sent me, despite the price I could pay and the shame they threatened," he wrote.

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