The Nutritionist of Celebrities DEFINE the last food item: "Does it look like me?" – news sources


Mihaela Bilic, the famous nutritionist of Romanian stars, is warning. This type of food is adopted by a growing number of Romanians, being a fashion, however, supports the nutritionist, the effects are somewhat harmful to our body.

"The food eats with a spoon, does not drink with the straw

Do you think or are we undergoing an infantilization of the masses? We all become newborn need to eat pasta, shredded, ready chewed food?! We all came to eat with the straw for convenience or because of the bottle

We spend a lot of money on the top artists, forgetting that we have the teeth and the design to do it – and only when we chew can we get enough! We consume nutrient extract in beautifully colored glasses, forgetting that we do not help the body by shortening the time of digestion and absorption – are a kind of glucose infusion directly into the vein! Choose fruit and vegetable smoothies because they look more modern than the usual soup / soup, ignoring them turns into fat chips as well as beer.

Why do young people prefer fast food products? Because they are easy to chew. I do not like it's the main reason, but the consistency. Why do we take a bottle of fresh juice instead of a bowl of soup? Because it can be drunk instead of being eaten with a spoon. The convenience of children that costs us silhouette and health! We save time to prepare and chew, but bombard our liver with liquids that will be a good alternative to healthy eating. The result is a great confusion at the level of perception: our brain considers any liquid to be water. That is, we do not eat and get fat!

Babies and old people eat everything because they have no teeth. We adults have teeth, but we are lazy to use them. And instead of keeping our health and eating the less processed products as close as possible to their natural, hard and hard chewing form, we put the children in the mind and we sit with the bottle in our hands.

Buddhist philosophy says to chew even the water. I would say to give up the straw and go back to the spoon. And if we still chew each sip of 30, but at least 10 times, then we are safe. Do not cut the meal time, do not put on nipples that are nutritious, our being is rudimentary and needs at least 15 minutes to realize that he ate and was tired. The spoon is safer than straw when it comes to greed and where you can not even have the scoop on the wheel or on the couch or on the street, "writes Mihaela Bilic on Facebook.


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